The 1st Sino-German Workshop on 3D Printing in Space

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Over recent years there has been tremendous interest in “Materials Processing and Manufacture in Space” and associated space experiments, but still we struggle with the related engineering applications and the scientific issues under the extreme conditions in space. Based upon this topic, Qian Lab (short for Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology, a branch of CAST) is delighted to be working in partnership with the Institute of Material Physics in Space, DLR (DLRMP) on a cooperation project of “3D printing in Space”.

We are pleased to announce that the 1st Sino-German Workshop on 3D Printing in Space hosted by Qian Lab will take place in Beijing on 20 February, 2019. Our guests from Germany are Prof. Andreas Meyer (DLRMP), Dr. Christian Neumann (DLRMP), Ms. Olfa Lopez (DLRMP), Prof. Jens Guenster (BAM), Dr. Andrea Zocca (BAM), Dr. Tao Wu (University of Kassel). 

We welcome you join us in promoting the development of the scientific research and advanced technology in this area. 

We look forward to seeing you in Beijing. 

Date:  20 Feb, 2019

Location:  Lunar Building(月球楼), Qian Lab, Haidian, Beijing 100094, China.

Scientific Committee

Chair:  Wei-Hua Wang

Co-Chair:  Andreas Meyer

Local Organizing Committee

Chair:  Wei-Hua Wang;

Members: Shaofan Zhao (, 

          Qi Zhang (